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    29 June 2023

    We negotiate terms and prepare contracts between scientists or researchers and entrepreneurs or research units. We take care of intellectual property of scientists and researchers. We provide legal services for R&D projects, especially those financed from the European funds. We deal with commercialisation of scientific research and development work, as well as with the legal aspects of scientific data management. We advise on state aid for research and development and on the rules governing ancillary activities.

    ul. Puławska 39 lok. 78
    (I p., wejście od dziedzińca)
    02-508 Warszaw​a


    t/f: +48 (22) 115 76 09

    Kancelaria Adwokacka
    Emilia Barabasz
    NIP: 526-234-67-88


    Rachunek bankowy:
    65 1050 1038 1000 0090 8213 1005

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